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Happy Nail Year 2016!


I am sure that there are others that are just as happy to see the arse end of 2015 as I am. What a year of meh that was. But thankfully it is finally outta here and we are now into a new year of promise. All shiny and new! Though perhaps not off to the best start given I slightly pulled my back out again, haha. Well it’s not really funny, it does hurt, but more ironic.

I hope you enjoyed your New Years Eve whatever you were doing, and by now any potential hangovers have faded. Wishing you all the best for 2016, and as the video says, may it be filled with all the good things – health, riches and copious amounts of nail polish!

I don’t tend to make resolutions cos I just do things when I want to do them and don’t need to wait for a Do you have any resolutions for yours?


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