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Vote 1 – Lee Lin Chin FTW!


OK so in the Southern Land there is a TV and media awards night. Every year there is a bunch of TV types nominated for categories like Best Personality and Gold Logie (the big one) and other random categories. None that I can tell you about since it’s not the Emmy’s and I don’t pay that much attention. The point is that the public can vote for certain nominees.

However at risk of dragging this out any longer, one of the nominees is Lee Lin Chin, an Indonesian born news reader on a station called SBS who reads the World News. It’s not a commercial station, so less people are likely to know to vote for her, but she is kooky, up for a laugh AND FUNNY AS SHIT! Seriously check out her Twitter feed. For example:

tweet 1 tweet 5 tweet 4 tweet 2 tweet 3

I read in the paper that is the first time she’s been nominated so I decided to use her as my nailspiration. Don’t knock my rushed effort too hastily, I was short on time cos I didn’t realise voting shut so soon, and I still can’t bend or sit since pulling my back out – which made painting tiny surface areas more impossible than I anticipated. You have til the end of 17th Jan to vote, so if you see this in time, go vote here!



  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Essies, paint, Mundos, too many to mention!


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  1. Jae ProcrastinatingPolishr 22nd January 2016 Reply

    I’m clearly forever behind on my blog feed but EFF YESSS these are as magnificent as the Chin herself!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 23rd January 2016 Reply

      Ugh, tell me about it. I can’t keep up with my feed either.
      But thank you – she had better win one of those golden door stops else we’re all in trouble. 😁

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