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Hello! EARLY Black Friday – Special 1 Day Sale โ€“ 50% OFF at Madam Glam

Special treat for you today! I often get a lot of messages and DMโ€™s regarding certain brands I tend to use and feature on my blog and socials โ€“ Madam Glam is one of them. And they are having a 24 hour ONE DAY SALE on their site this November 12, 2021ย  (EST timezone).

Just quickly: It’s been a really challenging year and life got turned completely upside-down and sideways. I just can’t even… So apologies for the extended absence. As always, life takes precedence to all else, cos if ya don’t got that, then ya ain’t gonna be here to do the rest. So this is a pop-in post cos I couldn’t pass up not letting you guys know. I will be back posting once things settle, hopefully the new year is less challenging than this one, so do keep an eye out. Wanting sale details?


Itโ€™s pretty exciting cos Iโ€™ve been given a 50% off coupon code that all my lovely readers can use. That code is buffBF50. You can access the sale using this link or this one to open in a new tab! Iโ€™ll list full details below. Itโ€™s like Black Friday but earlier so you can ideally receive your goodies and gifts in time for Xmas.


Before I show you a few current must-haves and fun Madam Glam items for inspiration, I do want to mention that as an extra treat, all non-VIP subscribers will have access to the Madam Glam Pudding Gels, which are currently available for VIPs only! These are super pigmented colour pot-gels that you apply with a nail brush.

Let me show you some of the cool things I use if you need some ideas โ€“ with links to reviews for some items.

This trusty Madam Glam Gel Lamp is a workhorse. I have an in-depth review of this item for those interested โ€“ read all about it here. And pictured below that is a cute Christmas-themed, travel version if you are looking for stocking fillers.

Buff & Polish Review - Madam Glam's 48w Holi UV LED Nail Lamp - Lamp In Use

Buff & Polish Review – See how spacious it is? Madam Glam’s 48w Holi UV LED Nail Lamp – In Use

Buff & Polish Review - Madam Glam's 48w Holi UV LED Nail Lamp - Button Timer Modes

Button Timer Modes – Madam Glam’s 48w Holi UV LED Nail Lamp

Buff-&-Polish---Madam Glam Christmas Mini Lamp -Blk-Fri-Sale-2021_5044-copy

Madam Glam Christmas Mini Lamp

With all the hand washing, sanitising and germ-killing I have to put my hands through on the daily, cuticle oil has been an essential item for me! Iโ€™ve gone through so much of it and have been really enjoying this one, in the scent Elixir from Madam Glam. Itโ€™s contains jojoba oil which has molecules small enough to penetrate the nail (which is why I’ve always got some CND Solar Oil and others with this oil base in my stash) along with vitamins E & B, and also comes in several flavoured versions.

This is lovely. Itโ€™s a subtle oil scent, as this oneโ€™s the basic oil. It absorbs so quickly, one drop does both hands. See the fab eye dropper for easy application. LOVE!! ๐Ÿ˜

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Elixir Cuticle Oil

Buff & Polish – Madam Glam Elixir Cuticle Oil

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Elixir Cuticle Oil - Eyedropper Pippette

Buff & Polish – Madam Glam Elixir Cuticle Oil – Eyedropper Pippette up close


Of course their coloured gels are generally always winners for me – you can see a range of colours and nail art on Instagram and searching my blog. BUT I love, love, love their full size 15ml basic base and top coats. A mainstay in my nail life. So you might want to seriously stock up on basics โ€“ especially the No Wipe Top Coat which is one of my all time favourite no-wipe top coats (and I have a lot of these in both pro and regular brands haha!).

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Base & No Wipe Top Coat

Buff & Polish – Madam Glam Base & No Wipe Top Coat


And for a bonus mention: Donโ€™t forget their epic Advent calendars make great gifts for others โ€“ or yourself. I mean who doesnโ€™t need a treat after a worse year of Covid and whatever elseโ€ฆ? Hereโ€™s a quick pic of last yearโ€™s one. It changes yearly so be sure to check the details for this years first.

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Advent Calendar 2020 - Gel Polish & Nail Tools, Giftboxes Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Advent Calendar 2020 - Gel Polish & Nail Tools, Box


The full details of the sale is listed below the images in The Rundown section.


Some reasons to try Madam Glam

NEW COLORS every month.
VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE & 9-Free – plus, One-Step Gels are now also HEMA Free


This ends my Special Black Friday post. Lemme know what’s on your wishlist!
Hope to be back posting more soon – as soon as things settle.

See below for full details and notes on this polish.




  • My Early Black Friday 50% coupon code is:ย  buffBF50
  • Access the sale via this link: 50% OFF SALE LINK
  • This code will be valid on Fri, November 12th 2021 only – (EST timezone, for you internationals)
  • Minimum 3 items need to be added in cart – 1 use per customer
  • Non-VIPโ€™s and Buy As You Go users have access to the Pudding Gels today (currently available for VIPs only)

USE MY CODE: BUFF30 for 30% off your Madam Glam order on other dates – all items

(all links and information correct at time of publishing)

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