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Abstract Nail Art with Born Pretty Eggshell Gel Over Sage Green Gel Polish

I really liked today’s Abstract Nail Art with Born Pretty Eggshell Gel Over Sage Green Gel Polish. Read on for a review of this fun product that was recently released. You may have seen it around.

This post uses two products from Born Pretty in Eggshell Gel (SET 16), the first item is a 6ml Eggshell Gel Polish Topper (top coat with effects) and a base colour from the Green Gel Series they have. Both are 6ml bottles that are 6.6cm high and about 3cm wide.

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Eggshell Gel on Sage Green in Matte & Gloss 

Right, so first up – the Topper. The eggshell gel is something relatively recent and I really like this product – it creates a very cool effect. It’s basically a clear transparent gel that has shards of black plastic material about 1 or 2mm at the most and sometimes less than half a millimetre, so it creates a real speckled effect and you can use it over any base colour.

You can use a gloss top coat in your eggshell nail design but it really comes alive with a matte top coat applied. I have used a green gel from the series Born Pretty make with the number GS12 – I chose this one because I love these kinds of colours. It’s a sage green that’s a little more pastel and it really reminds me of one of my fave Essie polishes called Bon Boyage from a few years back. I have used this for the base of my nail design. I loved how it turned out!

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Eggshell Gel on Sage Green in Matte & Gloss

This design I’ve paired the sage green with white abstract shapes and created a bit of a curvy abstract effect to complement the irregularity of the shards used in the eggshell gel top coat. Gloss coat on index & middle, matte top coat on ring and pinky! The index shows the sage green plain and on the pinky with just the topper.

The gel top coat is actually really cool – the only thing I wish is that it had a denser covering with the pieces it contains. You need to add or use two coats of this for decent coverage – and make sure you shake the bottle well first because the black shards will sink to the bottom. Even though it’s designed to be used with 2 coats, I found one coat to be very sparse in coverage.

I prefer not needing to use so many layers of gel, to cut down on thickness and time – as you still need to add top coat. So IMHO a denser-filled, single-coat eggshell effect in no wipe top coat – either gloss or matte finish, would be so perfect! This is going to look amazing for anyone wanting to do Easter nails because it looks like a robin egg. I’ll try creating something closer to the date if my schedule eases by Easter… Delays and all beyond my control right now.


To use the top coat basically apply your chosen gel base colour/s and add two coats of the eggshell gel curing each in-between of course. Then finish with a Born Pretty matte (or gloss) gel top coat and you’re done. Sit back and let the compliments roll in haha!

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Eggshell Gel on Sage Green

Let me know if you like this look in the comments below!

Purchase details, links and description of the product/s are listed below the images in The Rundown section.

And that concludes my Abstract Nail Art with Born Pretty Eggshell Gel Over Sage Green Gel Polish review. Any questions or comments, leave them below 🙂

See below for full details and notes on this polish.


Name: 50992 Eggshel Gel or Sage Green 45159 option 12
Brand: Born Pretty
Item Type: Gel Polish & Effect Topper
Colour (or family): Clear Topper & Sage Green
Size: 6ml / 0.5oz

Usage Notes:
See above.

The Verdict:
See above.

Purchase Links & Info:
Feel free to use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off full priced items

Item Number: AliExpress official link |
Or 50992 Eggshel Gel or Sage Green 45159 option 12 – Find it at www.BornPretty.com
(you can click for direct link or search at the website)
*Note the new website URL is now www.BornPretty.com – now www.BornPrettyStore.com is for wholesale.

(all links and information correct at time of publishing)


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      Woot! Thank you, tis Eastery – I’m chuffed you like it 🥰

      Sorry for the slow replies. Computer’s stuck in the repair shop!? Ugh… 🙈

  2. French 17th February 2022 Reply

    This manicure is perfect for every day.

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