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Nail Art Design Planning Templates

UPDATED: First Freebies I have for you are these downloadable nail art templates. I put them together for ease of planning out manis and nail art ideas one night when I couldn’t sleep a couple of years back and thought I’d make them available to my lovely readers and the general public.


You can download and print them out for personal use using a regular inkjet or laser printer. They come in two versions: A4 (for Australia, NZ, Europe, Asia & …well, most of the world) and Letter Size (for the US, Canada, Mexico, parts of South America and the Phillipines). Because my ISO heart bleeds for you…

Feel free to share them around for personal use, on Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook or blogs,  but please leave them intact. A link back to this page is always appreciated.
Leave a comment if you find them helpful or wish to request a nail shape.





  • If you laminate the sheets you can use them with gels OR acrylic paint (eg: practicing one-stroke flowers)
  • If you wish to make decals, insert the sheet into a smooth plastic sheet protector (the kind you get for binders) and make your design as you would with the reverse decal method
  • Nails on the sheet appear with the Proximal Nail Fold (PNF)/base of the nail at the top and the free edge at the bottom

Please let me know what you think of them, or if you find them useful in the comments below. Where you may wish to put forward your ideas and suggestions as well. 😊

Lia - Chief Lacquerhead


  1. Avatar
    xx-fingerz-xx 4th September 2015 Reply

    These are very handy. I am keep coming back and using them

    • Lia Lacquerista Author
      Lia Lacquerista 14th September 2015 Reply

      I’m glad you found them helpful, thought they might be for others which is why I uploaded them.

  2. Avatar
    Max 18th January 2016 Reply

    I found these and really appreciate you providing these for free. Helps me for clients. Can you preeetty please make a ballerina shape one??

    • Lia Lacquerista Author
      Lia Lacquerista 23rd January 2016 Reply

      Thanks for the suggestion Max. Have updated the list to include Coffin nails in the mix.
      Great to hear they’ve helped you. Feel free to share them around 😁

  3. Avatar
    B 17th May 2016 Reply

    👍 good thanks …

  4. Avatar
    Alice 9th July 2019 Reply

    Thank you so so much for these templates, I absolutely love them! I do a lot of really short nail deigns on natural nails so if you were able to make the round or squoval with the nail beds half the size that would be beyond amazing!! ❤️

    • Lia - Chief Lacquerhead Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 11th July 2019 Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Alice. So happy to hear they are useful to you! 😉 I find it’s really helpful for ideas planning.

      I can do that, sure thing! I will create a shorter nail template for you as soon as I can (once I’ve cleared my backlog), and add an update to this comment when it is ready for download so you are notified 💙

    • Lia - Chief Lacquerhead Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 30th August 2019 Reply

      Hey Alice. Check the page for the new smaller, shorter nail templates that you can now download.
      Managed to do both Squoval & Round/Oval – I hope they are a better size for you! 😉

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