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Christmas in July?

So it’s a beautiful Summer in the Northern hemisphere and a freezing cold Winter in the South.

Yes, a winter that is breaking a few records, thanks to El Niño and the polar vortex that keeps gracing our coast. I mean it´s great for the snowfields, sure, but um… for those of us that can’t go anywhere it makes life a little less comfortable. Dont get me wrong – I love mountains and snow as much as the next snow bunny, but at least you are prepared for it in those climates.

I though it would be colder this year but even that exceeded my expectations. It’s also knocked me sideways and I’ve spent much of it not-very-well, so you’ll excuse my tardiness in terms of posting pretty pictures. It’s hard enough typing in this weather. Seriously it’s like trying to type with fish-sticks for fingers. Cold and clunky!






So this has literally been me for much of the season:

Snoozing Polar Bear...

I’ll get back to it soon. When my hands defrost, and my health improves. And my devices and appliances stop dying. And the house stops finding costly things to break.

In other news, at least I finally have working lights and working camera and devices again! 🙂 How annoying it is when all decide to sporadically go on the blink. So unfortunately there were some missed photo ops, but like I said earlier, couldn’t do a heck of a lot about it anyways – all things considered.

And as soon as I had typed this post my internet decided to die too. Oh stop it. Am I being punked? I don’t like this Murphy’s Law business. He’s in the wrong trade and should find a different career instead of CEO of PITA.

I hope you are having good weather wherever you are. Maybe you could send me some photos of the sun if you get time, as I’m starting to forget what it looks like hehe…  Alright, back to the freezer I slink… xx


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