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Florals & Beetles & Leaves, Oh My! Nail Art for Pantone Colours 2021 x MoYou London Contest

Hope your week’s been sparkling! I’m absolutely pooped. So I’ll keep it short (for me, haha). Posted these recently on Instagram for a contest. I made the finals woot! I love their contests and was stoked I got to enter as thought I couldnt.

In between heatwaves (longest in a decade), killer rehab, and whatever other curveballs being thrown at me (ducking doesn’t work!?) I was sent home for 2 days. In terms of silver linings it meant I could enter the @moyou_london x @pantone nail art contest recently. You can vote on posts 2 & 3 for mine if you are quick.

Just quickly: I’m still hectic AF, so will sporadically cross post when I can. Working on some new reviews but they require video work (it’ll be worth it, promise) and will some take time thanks to the extra delays with outbreaks and heat etcetera. There’s also other stuff and nail art backlog that has been waiting to be posted. Argh!! I will get there. Soon as I can…seriously how do all the busy people juggle this?


HERE’S ENTRY 1, photo one. I called it The Floral Fabric of Life.

Yeah, I got reviews to shoot but I couldn’t do video due to setup & circumstance. And I was hoping to enter this. So yay! No idea what anyone else did (been absent), so hopefully they’re up to standard 😉


Might not look it but these took ages.

And that concludes my Florals & Beetles & Leaves, Oh My! Nail Art for Pantone Colours 2021 x MoYou London Contest Post. See the products & supplies list below!

I appreciate and read all the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts and questions below 🙂



@opi @opi_australia


I used tons of plates from collections:
MoYou London – Flower Power, Botanical, Tropical

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  1. Ananka 10th February 2021 Reply

    OMG OMG that manicure look super amazing <3

    • Author
      Lia - Chief Lacquerhead 15th February 2021 Reply

      Thanks so much Ananka! It was fun and I’m thrilled you approve 😍💖

  2. Sophia Raven 24th November 2022 Reply

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