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Doctor Lacquer – Betalain Holo


Today we have a polish swatch from US indie brand Doctor Lacquer. This is the Betain Holo. There is also a jelly version without holo, but I opted for the sparkle 😉

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Firstly I should apologise for the lack of cobwebs and tumbleweeds that have been gathering around these parts of the woods. For some reason I was unable to upload anything to Instagram and having software issues – both which made it harder to reframe, crop and post anything. I’m hoping that it is fixed and that it shall stay that way.

Aaand, back to the polish. This polish is part of the Kaleidoscope World collection. Which features a massive 18-piece set, consisting of 8 neon holographics, 8 neon jellies plus the toppers Reflection and Refraction.



The great thing about this brand is the generous bottle sizes and the option to purchase Full or Medium sizes. It’s great for those of us with little storage space, various polish habits and to try out smaller versions before buying big ones. Full-sized bottles (16.5 ml / 0.55 oz) and Med-sized bottles (10.5 ml / 0.35 oz).

Kaleidoscope World collection contains:
Phycocyanin – neon blue holo & jelly
Betalain – neon purple holo & jelly
Hemoglobin – magenta holo & jelly
Annatto – hot pink holo & jelly
Lycopene – hot orange holo & jelly
Carotene – neon yellow holo & jelly
Lutein – lime green holo & jelly
Chlorophyll – neon green holo & jelly
Reflection – silver chrome linear holographic
Refraction – neon glitter topper

I do own the rest of these and will happily feature them in future posts.


Name: Betalain Holo
Brand: Doctor Lacquer
Collection: Kaleidoscope World
Colour (or family): Neon Purple
Type & Finish: ‎Neon Holographic
Size: 16.5ml / 0.55oz

Formula & Application notes:
Lovely, smooth application. It is not the most solidly opaque lacquer, which I like as it allows you to build it up to a desired opacity. And I prefer this with some holos, as you can use that to creative advantage with things like layering and sandwiching polishes. No issues here.

As with many holo polishes they tend to dry flat or satin, so a glossy topcoat is recommended to bring out the shine and enhance the holo effect.

The Verdict:
The set of these polishes works really well together or else alone. The colours are complementary and wear time on my nails was decent. There were no chips like I find other holos are more prone to, so that I liked.

The bottles are great and sturdy. Comfortable to hold and store, they are rectangular and tall – at least the Full sized bottle is.

The generous sizes, are great value for money compared to many other brand/size ratios, so the extra is appreciated. Full-sized bottles (16.5 ml / 0.55 oz) and Med-sized bottles (10.5 ml / 0.35 oz)

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
None that I could think of. Reminds me of a lighter, thinner, softer version of Nabi Hologram Fushia – though less red, and with finer holo particles.

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  1. Avatar
    Nat 25th April 2015 Reply

    I love purples and I really like this one. Never hear d of this brand before but its pretty good that they have such decent size bottles. WHere did yuo buy them?

    • Lia Lacquerista Author
      Lia Lacquerista 25th April 2015 Reply

      I got them from the Doctor Lacquer website directly. Not sure who else she sells through, but the transaction was nice and easy. Large bottles value add for sure.

  2. Avatar
    Nat 25th April 2015 Reply

    excuse all the typos

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