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Coloured Dotticure on Black

I felt like wearing black nails to match a white t-shirt. As funky as a simple black nail is, it suddenly needed something, and dots were screaming to me. So I did a measured dotticure with layered dots and masked off areas so the black still shone through. And it doubles as an entry to El Corazon dotticure comp that is running at the same time. Shall we?

Buff&Polish-EC-Dotticure_213852   Buff&Polish-EC-Dotticure_212722

Here is the colour line up used in this mani designJeebus I love colour. Heck, I love polish!


The dots were mostly done with the same size stylus nib and layered haphazardly in a measured fashion. If that makes sense. ?? The ‘silver thing’ is a ring palette I got online. The base is quite wide but would suit spatulate hands or the wider fingers like the thumb. So great if you are painting a client’s nails. Still sits on my finger, but does move a little even if I adjust the base of it to my finger width.


I masked off certain areas using tape and vinyl before dotting. Both above photos were taken under a different light with a cheap light, so do excuse the Lobstery hands. They aren’t that bad in real life. Or should I say, real light. (C’mon, gimme a break. I haven’t cracked a Dad joke here in weeks.)



  • Cuccio Colour – 2am In Hollywood
  • Essie – Good As Gold
  • China Glaze – Flip Flop Fantasy
  • China Glaze – UV Meant To Be
  • China Glaze – Glow With The Flow

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