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NAiLIENS: Alien & Fluid Art Challenge Mash-Up Nails

NAiLIENS: THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE 👽👽 finally I can post my late mishmash of challenges! Officially my NAiLIENS Alien & Fluid Art Challenge Mash-Up Nails. This one also from earlier surprisingly managed to fit 3 occasions into the one mani. I’m nothing if not resourceful 😄 Actually 4, see below.

Buff & Polish - Nailien / Alien Fluid Art Nails

This incorporates last #fluidnailart Friday, the Alien prompt for @glamnailschallenge & St Patrick’s Day greens 🍀☘️ to be sure, to be sure. Oh and the 4th is Textured Mani Tuesday, run by Iva @secretjewelgarden

Random combo, I know. But whatever works right? 😁 I hand painted the alien. It’s eyes are actually HOLO FOIL, which I then made 3D, but it’s really quite hard to see & I couldn’t get a great shot without reflection 🌌 I really really need a new lens combo!?

Buff & Polish - Nailien / Alien Fluid Art Nails


I did the fluid art because it reminds me of interplanetary cloud systems, and I just love the random effect you can get from fluid art. Mine were done on a mat as it gives more control and ability to manipulate for the effect I was after.

Check out Amy’s IG feed if you want some more Fluid Art eye-feasting… She’s a master of the art you might say and I know a lot of you have been asking about how to do this. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial when I’m able to do video again… I’m sure there’s some out there though.

Buff & Polish - Nailien / Alien Fluid Art Nails

Should have posted this two days ago but the weather kept my connection dropped, so better late than never! And now I’m on a break I can finally catch up on allbthese posts & comments! (Erm, sorry bout that)

And that concludes my NAiLIENS: Alien & Fluid Art Challenge Mash-Up Nails Post. See the products & supplies list below!

I appreciate and read all the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts and questions below 🙂




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