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Opallac Intoxicated – Gel Polish Swatch

Opallac Intoxicated – Gel Polish Swatch post. Intoxicated is the latest gel polish release from @opallacgelpolish – an in your face bright, bright, highlighter yellow! 🌞 This kind of Summery shade I looove – and it doesn’t even need white undies (undercoat) to make it pop!

I’m mostly gonna let the photos do the talking today, but the full details and description of this gel polish is listed below the images in The Rundown section.


NEON Swatch time! Not just any swatch time, but time to get Intoxicated (praise the Polish Fairies, finally had help, also to get it off my camera & video saved as a usable file!? I’m still having lots of trouble doing anything in this splint…hopefully I get to escape it soon!). You may have noticed a run of yellow nails, and I’m continuing this trend today!

Just paint it on in thin layers for perfectly even coverage, 2-3 will do fine. I used Opallac Gloss Top Coat. Look at that shiny! But it’s hot in matte too 😍 I’m not just saying that due to my matte obsession either.

Swipe through my Instagram post (which I’ll add once posted I’ve added), for an unboxing video I created. The video  comes complete with 80s flair, cos neons like this give me total 80s Tropical Summer vibes!


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It’s available on the @opallacgelpolish website now 🌞 [See #buffandpolishswatch for more swatches on Instagram]

I hope you enjoyed Opallac Intoxicated – Gel Polish Swatch photos.

See below for full details and notes on this polish.



Name: Intoxicated – available exclusively here – other shades available at Priceline (AU) online & in select stores
Brand: Opallac
Collection: Core Collection
Colour (or family): Bright Yellow
Type & Finish: ‎Neon Crème
Size: 7.5ml / 0.25oz

Formula & Application notes:
Smooth and glossy this is 3 thin coats. They were extra thin as I wanted to see how it went without white undies (undercoat) layer in terms of brightness, as I also tested it over French Affair (their white creme gel polish) and it was as bright by itself.

Mix it well to combine the pigments, and paint away. You will not have issues if you keep your coats thin and measured, but I cannot guarantee that you will be able to stop staring at your nails all day long.

The Verdict:
I mean what a neon! It’s lovely and bright in the sunlight. I am a sucker for these types of nail shades. They are the perfect summer shade but I wear them all year round. They really brighten up a cloudy day! I will have some art coming with this one soon.

This one is slightly warmer yellow, whereas other neon yellows tend towards cooler blue undertones, so it will complement lots of skin tones. Especially tan skin tones, who will rock this shade. Gloss or matte, gimme gimme!

I recommend pairing it with white accent nails for extra kick. Maybe even a gradient.

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
Highlighter yellows range in tone and brightness, this one I can’t think of a dupe.

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