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Bettie Pain – Queen Of Coney Island, Swatch & Thermal Transition Video

Bettie Pain – Queen Of Coney Island Swatch & Thermal Transition Videos!

Next swatch in the Lana Del Rey lyrics-inspired collection from @bettiepainpolish is a beautiful thermal called Queen Of Coney Island – it’s soulful and moody, just like its muse. Scroll down for more….MOAR! Here’s the close-up.

This shifty polish runs from purple (in its cool state) to aqua (when warm), with a delightful shimmer running through it. The shot below shows off that shimmer, in a clearer way. I am a fan!


Below is a bottle shot (😍 how pretty is it?), and both images show the hot-cold shift. This is 3 thin coats with a glossy top coat 🌮


Video time! Here’s 1 of 2 videos* showing the thermal transition of @bettiepainpolish purple to Aqua polish Queen Of Coney Island.

It’s such a cool shift in this one IMHO, and I kept staring at my fingers watching it change everytime I washed my hands 🤗 This is part of the Lana Del Rey-inspired collection released May 12.

Here’s 2 of 2 videos* – a short time lapse of @bettiepainpolishQueen Of Coney Island’s thermal transition.

Stay glued for more swatches of this #BettiePain LDR collection…Already shown on Instagram, but am finally adding them here for posterity and easier viewing.



Name: Queen Of Coney Island
Brand: Bettie Pain – International purchases from Shiro Cosmetics based in the US
Collection: Lana Del Rey lyrics-inspired, 2018
Colour (or family): Purple / Aqua Green
Type & Finish: ‎Thermal
Size: 9ml / 0.3oz

Formula & Application notes:
I’ve been loving thermals and this one had me staring at my fingers alllll day looong! Such a cool transition and this is 3 thin coats iwth top coat for swatching purposes. You can get away with two

The Verdict:
I love it. You most likely will too!

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:

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