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Bettie Pain – Blessed By Beauty & Rage, Swatches

Bettie Pain – Blessed By Beauty & Rage Swatch & Video. Back with another swatch from @bettiepainpolish’s Lana Del Rey collection, released May 12 – which I hope you’re loving as much as I am! If you saw all my swatches on Instagram.


This gorgeous holo is Blessed by Beauty & Rage (- which is slightly what I was this morning after being woken up by 2 jackhammers and a pneumatic drill in 3 different directions…so let’s agree this is wholly appropriate for today 😁).

It’s a great lyric and the perfect name for this steel grey shade, which has a super subtle red shimmer running through it [shot 2 shows its shadow side] 🔥 That sneaky shimmer was hard to capture on camera, but I made it work, you can see if you look closely [shot below]. I have a better one showing off its depth later.

This steel grey holo is 😍! Since I’m all about the extra mile, you’re getting a few extra pix including video and close up 😁


The first and third shots really shows the subtle red shimmer running through this shade 🔥 Flawless 2 coat application, it’s a winner for me.

More to come 💖🎈 May your coffee be warm & your morning be power tools-free ☕😘



Name: Blessed By Beauty & Rage
Brand: Bettie Pain – International purchases from Shiro Cosmetics based in the US
Collection: Lana Del Rey lyrics-inspired, 2018
Colour (or family): Steel Grey
Type & Finish: ‎Holo
Size: 9ml / 0.3oz

Formula & Application notes:
🔥 Flawless 2 coat application, it’s a winner for me! Also takes on different shades in different lights so you can see the red shimmer peeking through more at certain times than others. Who doesn’t love holo??

The Verdict:
This is one of the standouts in the collection so far. I love steel grey shades and was excited to wear this. As the weather cools down too.It is totally styling and looks really unique against other grey polishes and holos that I have so I will be using this one over again for sure.

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:
None that I own with this lovely red shift.

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