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Madam Glam Accessories Release – Diamond Shaped Nail Files & Rose Gold Nail Tools Review

Finally a long-awaited series of posts that I’m featuring to show off the recent release of manicure tools, nail accessories, gel tools & accessories released by Madam Glam. This is the first Madam Glam Accessories Release – Diamond Shaped Nail Files & Rose Gold Nail Tools Review  with lots of pix!

(I have some more fun accessories that I’m shooting video for, so I was holding off posting these until I was able to finish the videos but as we had another family emergency and my end date for rehab got delayed again due to lockdowns and everything else going on, I’m posting these now…)

Today’s post will be showing you this gorgeous manicure tool kit and some of the diamond-shaped nail files. So stay tuned for the lowdown on these and an honest opinion.

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Nail Tools & Files collage

First let’s start with the nail files given they’re a MUST in every nail tech & nail lovers kit. I actually really love diamond-shaped nail files and use them a lot in my own work. The shape makes them really easy to use for all areas of the nail plate.

Before we go further, I just want to clarify for anyone unfamiliar or new to the nail world what the numbers on files actually mean. I do have an unposted post on this somewhere which will go into a far more detailed on what files are good for which purpose whenever I’m able to post it (don’t hold your breath) but generally the numbers you see written on nail files will indicate the coarseness or fineness of the file’s surface. Similar to sandpaper. Generally the lower the number, the rougher the file surface. The higher the number, the smoother and finer the file’s surface will be.

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam 100/180 & 240 Grit Nail Files

The diamond shaped 100 / 180 Grit nail file is double-sided and obviously one side is slightly rougher than the other.

The 100 is considered a medium coarseness and this is a really great grit to use for when you want to shorten the length of gel and acrylic nails, or file down any surface divots or roughness, if you’ve been encapsulating things, using builder gels, that kind of thing. It’s fast & effective!

It’s really good for shaping sidewalls and also filing down the top coat and layers for when you’re ready to soak off your gel nails in acetone or with foil & cotton balls for faster removal. Some people use 100-grit files on natural nails but I really don’t recommend it, unless you have hooves 🤣, because it is quite a rough surface and I was taught not to.

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam 100/180 Grit Nail Files Buff & Polish - Madam Glam 100/180 Grit Nail Files

The 180-grit side is a finer coarseness and this you can use on the nails. This is the roughest grit that I would use on the natural nail. This file is great for shaping the nails, both natural and enhanced, and for buffing the nail before gel application. You can achieve a nice surface with this grit when shaping gels and acrylics and getting a perfect contour. If you want to achieve a smooth buff on natural nails I would use something with slightly higher grit.

I still recommend exercising care when buffing the top surface of the nail bed with this 180 grit especially if you’re heavy-handed. If you’ve got thin nails, damaged nails or flaky nails you might want to use the 240-Grit nail file instead for surface filing on your natural nails.

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam 100/180 Grit Nail Files


The Diamond Shaped 240 / 240 Grit nail file is my favourite to use for natural nails because it’s a fine grit that is not too rough on the nail plate especially for those with thin nails, and it’s much gentler. It’s a really good grit to use in nail prep especially if you’re using gels and gel polish because it can buff the surface enough to allow the gel to adhere without damaging the nail plate. It’s also perfect for shaping your natural nails, and even finishing gel enhancements when you want a smooth surface.

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam 240 Grit Diamond Nail Files Buff & Polish - Madam Glam 240 Grit Diamond Nail Files Buff & Polish - Madam Glam 240 Grit Diamond Nail Files

I found these files to be a really good quality and on par with one of my other favourite pro brands that I use, that has a similar file to this. They were easy to clean and did an effective job of filing both a natural nail and enhancements that I tested them on. So I would recommend them if you like these kind of files as I do. They didn’t seem to wear out too fast so far either – but I haven’t used them extensively enough to say how long one might last.

While we’re on the trend of nail prep tools let me introduce you to this Madam Glam Manicure Tool Kit. I looove this rose gold tool set! This would make a perfect gift for someone.

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Rose Gold Nail Tool Set Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Rose Gold Nail Tool Set Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Rose Gold Nail Tool Set

Wow check this out! It comes in a beautiful little tin that is perfect for a small handbag, and contains two double ended tools that are snuggly stored inside a dense foam insert. This makes it perfect to travel with and they won’t scratch the tin or fly around in your bag.

You get a double ended cuticle pusher and a gel removal scraper triangle tool. Both tools are ergonomic and come with patterned grip so they don’t easily slip out of your hands. They’re constructed of Steel which makes them strong, and super easy to disinfect – gotta keep your tools hygienic. They’ve been finished with a quality edge, so there’s no sharp or uneven edges. The tools are also Rose gold coloured. And if I haven’t made it clear, I adore Rose Gold 😍🌹

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Rose Gold Nail Tool Set

Just taking a little closer look at the tools. First the double ended cuticle tool. It has two heads: one with a more rounded shape and one that’s slightly more angular. Both taper to a thinner edge but the finish is smooth so it does not scratch the nail plate, unlike some of the cheaper ones that are out there.

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Rose Gold Nail Tool SetBuff & Polish - Madam Glam Rose Gold Nail Tool Set

This tool is obviously used for scraping excess cuticle on top of the nail plate. I really like the angular head for getting into the sidewall and pushing down excess cuticle growth. Especially if it’s been a while. Of course it’s multi-purpose and you can use it for other nail related things. Including clean-up, removing or cleaning a little under the nail free edge. I use it to push around crystals and gems in my trays and arrange them on the nail to get them in perfect position haha. It’s so much easier to wipe off any polish or gel from the metal than it is from a porous orange wood stick.

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Rose Gold Nail Tool SetBuff & Polish - Madam Glam Rose Gold Nail Tool Set

The triangle head on the second tool is generally used to remove gel, specifically the soak off type girls and polish is from the nail. It is meant to be used after you have soaked off the gel polish and you are just gently scraping off the dregs.

A HOT TIP here is to make sure the gel polish is fully ready to come off and just remove it gently. Don’t scrape too hard with metal tools on the natural nail because you can pull off layers of your nail and thin the nail plate. So go gently and soak gel polish longer in acetone if it’s not yet ready to come off – it should just lift away easily with this scraper tool when it is ready to come off.

Buff & Polish - Madam Glam Rose Gold Nail Tool Set

The other end of this tall is just a round ball but I actually use it to push Swarovski crystals and gems and studs around on my nail as well. You could also use it as a dotting tool in nail art if you wanted some larger dots.

I liked these tools, they are stylish and functional. The cuticle pushers were gentle on my natural nails and cleaned up easily. I usually tend to avoid using metal tools to remove gel polish, but this triangle remover works well when used gently and as intended, so I will use it again. I like that they fit snugly in the carrier case for easy storage and transportation.

The full details and description of this lacquer is listed below the images in The Rundown section.
USE MY CODE: BUFF30 for 30% off your Madam Glam order 😊

Some reasons to try Madam Glam

NEW COLORS every month.
VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE & 9-Free – plus, One-Step Gels are now also HEMA Free

This ends my Madam Glam Accessories Release – Diamond Shaped Nail Files & Rose Gold Nail Tools Review post.

See below for full details and notes on this polish.


Name: Diamond Shape Nail Files – 100/180 Grit & 240/240 Grit
Nail Tools Set available here on the Madam Glam online store
USE MY CODE: BUFF30 for 30% off your Madam Glam order
Brand: Madam Glam
Collection: Nail Art Tools Collection
Type & Finish: Rose Gold

Formula & Application notes:
See the details all above in the review.

Cure your gels with the Madam Glam 48w Holi UV LED Lamp (read my detailed review in this post).

The Verdict:
I found all the files to wear well so far, and the tools to work nicely in testing without scratching the nail plate like many of the cheaper options out there do – which is why I always rabbit on about spending a bit more for better quality.


(all links and information correct at time of publishing)

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