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Born Pretty Silver Snow Light Holo Magnetic Gel & Jelly Gels Nail Art & Review

Born Pretty Silver Snow Light Holo Magnetic Gel & Jelly Gels Nail Art & Review, one of several reviews on their way. My coming reviews and posts are being posted much later than hoped as the internet’s been out due to bad weather and huge floods and I couldn’t schedule them in time. Video edits were disrupted due to the wet… it just never ends round here LOL!

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Holo Cat Eye Gel & TSG01 Nothing (sheer jelly gel)

I have many a fun gel polish and regular polish that’s got magnetic properties, but I like single colour magnetic polish toppers like this for versatility. Born Pretty Silver Snow Light Holo Magnetic Gel & Jelly Gels TSG01 – let’s dive into the Nail Art demo & Review that is designed to be used over ANY base colour.

The bottle I received is a 6ml capacity and comes in a box shrink-wrapped in plastic. It’s often referred to as Holo Spar Cat Magnetic Gel as well, and it’s a soak off gel. The bottle is 6.6cm high by 3cm wide FYI.

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Holo Cat Eye Gel & TSG01 Nothing (sheer jelly gel)

I also used this over a lovely base colour called Nothing – which is a squishy jelly white base too, so you could see the effect. That polish number is a number TSG01. It’s is a sheer, milky white that looks great. I do like these shades. I stamped some lines for effect.

I have tested it over a selection of colours you just to show you the basics of what it can look like over various colours, but obviously the possibilities are endless. (Will add that pic soon)

Here’s the instructions on how to use this particular magnetic gel product. You could also use it over any regular polish that has been thoroughly dried and has gel base or gel top coat cured on top.

Application Instructions:
1: Shake the magnetic polish well and let it stand (heavy particles can sink)
2: Clean and prep nails, remove cuticle and shape if needed.
3: Apply a thin layer of Base Coat and cure in UV or LED UV nail lamp (as per instruction).
4: Apply 1st layer of Colour Gel, and cure.
5: Apply 2nd layer of Colour Gel if needed, and cure.
6: Apply holo magnetic gel – a medium thick layer is ideal
7: Hold the magnet over the nails – hold for at least 15 seconds.
8: Cure 60-90 seconds in UV or LED lamp (*times for 48w lamp).

This item removed easily wasn’t any more difficult than removing regular gel polish using the soak or cotton ball and foil method. I’ve played around with it a bit here and the holo looks like a reflective light when you’re under Bright Lights shown here used over white.

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Holo Cat Eye Gel & TSG01 Nothing (sheer jelly gel)

I really like gel polish magnetics because you have a lot longer to work with them than regular polish and if you don’t like the pattern you can start over where is typical regular air dry polish you have to act really fast.

HOT TIP: Some people seem to have issues, complaining about how gel polishes with magnetic properties don’t work properly. The trick is to be fast when you finish with the magnet, then you cure as you go. So take magnet, create your magnet pattern design and cure it immediately. I work ONE finger at a time, because if you leave it too long, the magnetic particles settle and drift apart which kind of wrecks the design.

Buff & Polish - Born Pretty Holo Cat Eye Gel & TSG01 Nothing (sheer jelly gel)

Purchase details, links and description of the product/s are listed below the images in The Rundown section.

And that concludes my Born Pretty Silver Snow Light Holo Magnetic Gel & Jelly Gels Nail Art & Review. Any questions or comments, leave them below 🙂

See below for full details and notes on this polish.


Name: Holo Silver Snowlight & TSG01 Nothing
Brand: Born Pretty
Item Number: 49772
Item Type: Magnetic, Sheer Gel
Colour (or family): .
Size: 6ml / 0.5oz

Usage Notes:
Instructions above for the magnetic shade. Apply the colour sheer coat as you would over a base coat.

The Verdict:
Love the holo version of a magnetic gel polish but the holo glitters sometimes cover the magnetic effect if you aren’t careful. So play around with it until you are happy and cure as you go 🙂

Purchase Links & Info:
Feel free to use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% off full priced items

Item Number: AliExpress official link | 50991 Holo Silver Snowlight, or TSG01 Nothing – Find it at www.BornPretty.com
(you can click for direct link or search at the website)
*Note the new website URL is now www.BornPretty.com – now www.BornPrettyStore.com is for wholesale.

(all links and information correct at time of publishing)


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