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31DC2019 Day 8: Metallic Powder Gradient with Edge (Born Pretty Review)

Continuing with the 31 Day Challenge for 2019. We’ve hit Day 8’s Metallic prompt. For this I chose to do a Metallic Powder Gradient with Edge.  [Explore entries on Instagram using the official hashtag #31DC2019 ] –> (Late post due to this. Sorry, wont have time to catch up on everyone’s posts and comments till later in the week as I’m now severely behind and have brand obligations to finish first)

 Buff & Polish - 31DC2019 Metallic Gradient with Born Pretty Powder

I’m a fan of Metallic Powder and gradients. SO why not mix it up? I created a nice gradient using two metallic powders, cos I have a whole set of these and love how easy it is to use especially when pressed for time.

Stamped using an 80’s plate or two from MoYou London.

Buff & Polish - 31DC2019 Metallic Gradient with Born Pretty Powder

Metallic Powder Review

This mirror powder from Born Pretty is super easy to use. You don’t need to rub as hard to get colour pay off as you do with the cheaper chromes and other kinds of powders. They’re item no: 46283 at BornPrettyStore.com –> use my 10% off code BUFFQ10 on your orders

 www.bornprettystore.com - $2.59 Nail Art Mirror Powder Colorful Gold Champagne Silver Purple Pink Metal Effect

You get one jar, which weighs 9 grams and comes pretty full of powder. There are 15 colours to choose from and I have here the green number 7 and blue number 1.

It comes in a sealed ziplock bag with a double ended makeup sponge but I find that applying it with the finger is best. You can also use a glove and burnish it into a quality no wipe top coat.

Steps to use are as follows: 

1. Prepare your nails with GEL BASE COAT, Colour Gel Polish.
2. Apply No-wipe Gel TOP COAT, cure it under UV / LED lamp as per instructions (for the brand).
3. Use finger, glove, silicone tool or the eyeshadow stick to pick small amount of powder and burnish it onto your nails.
4. Lightly brush off excess.
5. Repeat the step 2&3 until satisfied with the effect.
6. Seal it with UV TOP COAT, and cure again under UV/LED lamp.

With this you don’t need to do two coats, but it might be ideal if you don’t have a matching base coat underneath.

I really love these powders, though just be careful when you open the jar – especially for the first time. Because sometimes there’s a lot of powder around the edges that would just go everywhere because it’s quite full. I find tapping it on the middle of the lid out to the table before you open it helps tremendously. Also make sure you put down a silicone mat or something because this powder does tend to get all over the shop (everywhere) if you’re not careful.


And that wraps up my 31DC2019 Day 8: Rainbow Brites Drag Marble mani.

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  • No Wipe Top Coat Gel
  • No Place Like Chrome – Hit the Bottle


  • Back to the 80’s plate or two – MoYou London.
  • Mirror Powders 1 & 7Item no: 46283 at BornPrettyStore.com –> use my 10% off code BUFFQ10 on your orders

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