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31DC2019 Day 7: Black & White and Weird All Over

Continuing with the 31 Day Challenge for 2019. We’ve hit Day 7’s Black & White prompt. For this I chose to do a mani I call Black & White and Weird All Over.  [Explore entries on Instagram using the official hashtag #31DC2019 ] >> Posts will be late and/or disrupted for a few days (despite hoping to be on track) – please read this post for the why. EDIT: CAN FINALLY POST THIS


Buff & Polish - 31DC2019 B&W & Weird All Over Buff & Polish - 31DC2019 B&W & Weird All Over


I call this mani Black & White and Weird All Over cos it’s an abstract combo of black and white theme, incorporating monochromatic fluid art, and organic stamping. I couldn’t decide so I did both haha.

All the polishes etcetera are listed below content.

Quick Plate Review

I do have some Beauty Big Bang reviews coming your way throughout this month. For this mani I used a plate I had which was number BBB-013. It’s got all kinds of cool abstract patterns on a round plate which has a 5.6cm diameter.

BeautyBigBang BBB-013 Plate

This brand puts out some unique and really cute plates. They pick up well and stamp clearly with good etching, on all the ones I’ve tried at least anyway.

The set out of his plate reminds me of the original hēhē plates – where there’s four main patterns, 1 in each quarter and a central print in the middle, usually a flower or some other design. The prints on this plate would make a great background but I choose to use it here in high contrast as a main feature.

You can use my discount 10% off code BUFFX10 and find this item, details below, at beautybigbang.com. More discount codes up in the menu bar or in the Story Highlights on my Instagram.

Will try and get back on track as soon as possible once this server issue’s sorted out, but it may take until during the week for that to happen with the downtime potential. So if I don’t reply to comments it’s because I can’t actually access my site. I will do that as soon as I’m able so feel free to leave them still 💖


And that wraps up my 31DC2019 Day 7: Black & White and Weird All Over mani.

Please read my Intro Post to see what goals and aims I have set for nail art in this year’s 31 Day Challenge. And how to join us or post your links so they appear in the group photo grid / link party / “whatever the heck it’s called this year!?” (InLinkz) below the content.

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  • Perfect White – Madam Glam
  • Perfect Black – Madam Glam
  • Black As Night – Hit the Bottle
  • White Spot It – Dance Legend
  • Black Out – Sally Hansen


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