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Plaid Stamped in Yellow & Purple, Mani Swap Circle – March 2019

It’s time for another Mani Swap! I did a Plaid Stamped mani in Yellow & Purple for Mani Swap Circle – March 2019 edition.

The colours were, Yellow & Purple with black and white for accenting as needed.


Buff & Polish - ManiSwapCircle, March 2019 Yellow & Purple

I was assigned to do a mani from Diane (@pinkchicanails) and the mission is to recreate one of their original manis, so I chose this funky plaid one. [When I say original manis, it means not ones that are  already swaps or recreations of someone else’s.]

I was not happy with this one or how it turned out. This was the mani I tried doing whilst splinted and failed at it. It turned out wonky and patchy and I’m not a fan of the outcome. Which sucked since I love plaid! Oh well…better luck next month? 😢😓 I hope it’s not too disappointing for you Diane LOL…


Buff & Polish - ManiSwapCircle, March 2019 Yellow & Purple


I used HtB stamping polishes and reluctantly a pastel from the now defunct Pretty Serious (which I pretty seriously almost threw out after having been completely ripped off in their ‘closing’ sale; but didn’t want to waste my retired pastel Picture Polish yellow, so here we are…😁).

There’s also a line-work deer head stamped in cos it was the only similar thing I had on hand on a Maniology plate.

Here’s a look at the Original mani I chose to recreate:


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You can swipe through the slides in my Instagram post for this month’s entry to see the group collage and the series with my image in it.



And that wraps up my Plaid Stamped mani in Yellow & Purple for Mani Swap Circle – March 2019. We’ll be back next month with another.





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