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Bettie Pain – West Coast, Swatch & Thermal Transition Video

Last, but definitely not least is one of my favourites from @bettiepainpolish Lana Del Rey collection: West Coast.

 This thermal shifts widely from a lovely almost nude gold when warmed, to an evening blue when cool 💙 It reminds me of a bubbly champagne with all the microglitter and holo pieces! 😍 Shot in different lights. Coming shots will show the thermal difference better, but this is totally my jam!

Shown here in 3 super thin coats with top coat.


Transition shots one of my faves from @bettiepainpolish‘s Lana Del Rey collection: West Coast. Shots below show each polish state in full light then with dimmed light to show the holo pop & glitters a little better 💥 Hopefully you can see the difference depending on your screen calibration.


Dimmed lights below.


In second state with brighter light.


Dimmed lights below again.


TRANSITION VIDEO of one of my faves from the now released @bettiepainpolish‘s Lana Del Rey collection: West Coast

End Notes: I hope you’ve enjoyed the swatches and videos in the lead up to the #BettiePain LDR release, because it toook me ages haha! 💕 Already shown on Instagram, but am finally adding them here for posterity and easier viewing. I was going to add these to a single post but I ended up taking so many it seemed better to do individual posts for this 9-piece collection and include all the shots. Even though it was a hundred times the work.

I’ll be back with more (nail art, challenge manis, dad jokes, my usual nonsense 😆) shortly.
But now I’m pooped. That marathon posting just did me in, so I’m out. 😘 *MIC DROP*



Name: West Coast
Brand: Bettie Pain – International purchases from Shiro Cosmetics based in the US
Collection: Lana Del Rey lyrics-inspired, 2018
Colour (or family): Gold / Ice Blue
Type & Finish: ‎Thermal
Size: 9ml / 0.3oz

Formula & Application notes:
I’ve been loving thermals and this one is one of my ultimate picks in this series. Again had me staring at my fingers alllll day looong! Such a cool transition and this is 3 thin coats with top coat. It’s lighter so I’d still recommend 3 for perfect coverage.

The Verdict:
I love it. Add straight to the Lemming List if you love golds, blues and thermals!

Dupes/Similar Lacquers:

None in my stash.

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