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White Banded Onyx Nail Art, Over Black Diamonds Gel Polish

I have White Banded Onyx Nail Art, Over Black Diamonds Gel Polish for today’s nail design. There was a Clairestelle8 challenge prompt from the weekend (yeah, it’s a bit late again) and I thought this would work as the chosen Gemstone…

I stamped some banded imprints onto my nails and left the shiny like polished stones. Onyx doesn’t normally have glittery bits, but I just love this gel polish. Will post a newer swatch of it soon!

Buff & Polish - Black Sardonyx Nail Art


Onyx is a kind of chalcedony. Which in broader terms is a microcrystalline quartz, meaning the quartz crystals are too small to be seen without the aid of high magnification, and this is a banded chalcedony. The bands can be seen as whites or greys so I went for the grey and white banded type.

When Onyx comes banded in black and white, it can often be classified as both (Black) Agate and Onyx. For semantics sake, many insist that Onyx has banding in roughly parallel lines, whereas other forms of Agate can have wavy or concentric forms of banding (such as the nail shown on 2 nails from left).


Buff & Polish - Black Sardonyx Nail Art

NERD FACT: Throughout history, Onyx was considered a prized stone, dating back to use in Ancient Egypt about 4000 years back. Egyptians used it to make bowls and various pottery items. They’ve been worn as amulets and for protection by Roman soldiers who associated onyx with courage, and Mars – God of War. Roman women believed it could harness the power of Venus’ love.

Onyx is also August’s birthstone and 7th anniversary gemstone for the years of marriage. This gemstone can be found in various regions of the world such as Yemen, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Latin America, the UK, and some states in the US.

The term “onyx” comes from the Greek word for “fingernail,” and it refers to the translucence of the white-colored layer of this layered stone. According to mythology, Cupid clipped the nails of the sleeping goddess Venus with an arrow. Those clippings were turned into stone to prevent even a part of Venus from dying.

Metaphysical meanings attribute this stone with regeneration and new beginnings. It is thought by some to have protective qualities, and to be useful in fighting basic fears and helping to heal old emotional wounds (like bad relationships.


This famous carved piece: Gemma Augustea, a depiction of Emperor Augustus surrounded by goddesses and allegories. It is a Roman cameo (carving) produced 9–12 AD and carved in a two-layered onyx gem (19 × 23 cm) – a double-layered Arabian onyx stone to be exact.
It’s from a collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.  Setting: gold frame, reverse side in ornamented open-work; German, 17th century. [AS Inv. No. IX A 79.]


I appreciate and read all the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts and questions below 🙂




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  • Snowed In – Hit The Bottle
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  • BMXL476 – Maniology

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