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31DC2015 Day 01: Red – Love / Hate

Red is the colour associated with Love. So this inspired my first entry for this year’s 31 Day Challenge. I guess with Love, the other extreme is Hate so I drew some inspiration from vintage tattoo art and settled on a Love / Hate hand set.

31DC2015 - Red - LOVE


I painted with OPI’s Red Hot Rio as the base, stamping some lips with Mundo de Unas Reddish. After allowing it to dry I did a rapid attempt at freehanded typography with white polish and a skinny tip tool. A little gluggy, but for a one day wear, it will suffice.


31DC2015 - Red - HATE

As a reminder you can grab the InLinkz codes for the link up from Cathy @ More Nail Polish. You can grab the topic prompts from Sarah @ Chalkboard Nails to use on your posts and platforms. Thanks Ladies for making this happen!




  • OPI – Red Hot Rio
  • Mundo de Unas – Reddish
  • White polish
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  1. Maddy 1st September 2015 Reply

    Very cute! Can’t wait to see more from you this month

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 2nd September 2015 Reply

      Thanks Maddy! I think this year is going to be really fun.
      I look forward to seeing what you come up with also 🙂

  2. Amy 2nd September 2015 Reply

    I adore this. The lips with the typography on top, it’s perfection!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 2nd September 2015 Reply

      Thank you Amy. I do heart typography. Good luck with the challenge! 😀

  3. Fedoraharp 2nd September 2015 Reply

    Ooooooh these are freehand! That’s amazing! From the thumbnail in the inlinkz I was sure the lettering was stamped.

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 2nd September 2015 Reply

      Cheers! Funny you should say that, because when I was doing them I actually realised that one thing I don’t have is a lettering stamp.

  4. rijaH 2nd September 2015 Reply

    Very cool idea 🙂

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 2nd September 2015 Reply

      Thanks. I felt like doing something different to kick it off cos I’ve had so little time for nails lately.

  5. Monica 2nd September 2015 Reply

    Ooh, these are so lovely! The letters are fantastic!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 2nd September 2015 Reply

      Thank you Monica. I thought it would be a little fun 😉

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