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Nail Charms & Heart-Shaped Charms Shaper – Born Pretty Review

Firstly this mani, A Pink Spark and A Studded Flower – Gel Nail Art created using the Manhattan Spark gel polish from Opallac that I swatched the other day. You can read about it all here in this post. And see the nail art post from earlier here.  Today I look at the tools used in its creation. WARNING: photo heavy post!


The section of the flower that makes the petals was a large charm from a set available at Born Pretty, one small jar of Nail Art Rivets & Studs. This is item no: 41601 and the 3rd selection, or variety option 3. See this item closer in the images below and the type of metal charms that come with it:

You get quite a few in this little screw top jar. Both a silver chrome and a gold colour are included.

They measure approximately 5-7mm, mostly hovering around the 6mm (1/4 inch) mark.

To use you lay the metal charm in the channel of the shaper (see images below) and gently push on the round baton (stick, whatever you’d like to call it). Then it will be shaped and curved to fit the nail.

See this demonstrated in the promo image demonstration since I have been unable to do a video demo for you yet. Video below!


They come in silver and gold in this set, as mentioned and measure approximately 4-7mm, or roughly between 3/16ths – 1/4 inch. Which is why the shaping tool is so handy if you have a curve to your nails – or even just some of your nails. So you can tailor the charm to fit rather than hang off the sides.


I was able to shape the ‘flower petal’ charm to suit my rather strong C-curve nail with the Heart-Shaped Charms Shaper tool I have to show you – it’s Item Number: 39827 from BornPrettyStore.com and you can see how well it works to allow the studs and charms to sit on the nail in the nail art shots. If you look at the actual charms, they tend to sit on a flat surface, so this Heart-Shaped Charms Shaper lets you shape the metal charms into a more curved shape to sit better on the surface of a curved nail.

See the way it is shaped and how it looks from various angles below:


This indent is where you lay the charm to press on it. Lay it at the wider end for thumb nails and at the narrower end for smaller nails. Place it in the channel and use the baton to gentle curve to your desired shape. Too easy!


Top facing view of the tool.


Side view of the tool.

The measurements of this can be seen in the promo photo from their own website:


And a wrap up of the tools used to create this mani


The bottle shown below is Born Pretty’s No Smudge Top Coat. And as I wrote in the review for this: OMG! This stuff is awesome! I didn’t really have too many expectations on this item, but it really works. It is a thin liquid that you apply over stamping or painted art to stop the top coat smudging it. I tried to smudge it with the brush and then the top coat brush and it didn’t smudge the stamping at all! I definitely recommend the No Smudge Top Coat if you’re into stamping. This you can read more about in the previous Nail Art post: A Pink Spark and A Studded Flower – Nail Art & No Smudge Top Coat Review

Let’s have one last look at the finished mani, showing how well the “flower” sits on the nail.

Here is the promo shot of this No Smudge Top Coat bottle with a demonstration image:



…and finally here’s a video tutorial and review product demonstration, as voted for unanimously in the poll on Instagram.

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