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Raw Amazonite, Crystal Gemstone – Precious Stones Nail Art Series

I have Raw Amazonite, Crystal Gemstone – Precious Stones Nail Art Series for today’s nail design. There was a Clairestelle8 challenge prompt from last week with Gemstone prompts, and I have a Crystal prompt for the Glam Nails Challenge with this one. It is second in my ongoing (new) series of Precious Stones nail art.

I created a smooshy effect, for the raw Amazonite look with some layered veining also applied on top. See the challenge and other entries at #glamnailschallengemarch or @glamnailschallenge (IG account).

Amazonite is a variety of the potassium feldspar called microcline, and is named after the Amazon River. This was where many green rocks were found. Not this one, just others. It’s usually a beautiful turquoise-green, blue toned rock.

It’s a fragile rock, compare to others and can break easily. It looks whiter in it’s raw form which is what I emulated here. As if it was found with a mix of quartz (thus the white). Also cos it was late evening, and in my tiredness, I did the green and white the wrong order than I meant to. 😂

I’ve seen references to it being found in digs – an Amazonite scarab ring was found among Tutankhamen’s treasures. And historically that it was believed to be the 3rd stone on the breastplate of the Jewish High Priest.


NERD FACT: For years, the cause of Amazonite’s colour was a conundrum. Many assumed the colour it took on was due to copper – since copper compounds often have blue and green colours. A study from back in 1985 suggests that its blue-green color results from small quantities of lead and water in the feldspar.

This rock has been known to have been used for over two thousand years, as discovered in archaeological finds in Egypt, Sudan and Mesopotamia, however there are no references to it – no ancient or medieval authority mentions it. It was first described as being a distinct mineral only in the 18th century, so perhaps it was known as something else until then.

Metaphysical meanings attribute this stone with being able to communicate your true thoughts and feelings without being over-emotional. It is said to allow problems to be seen from another’s point of view, or see both sides of a problem objectively which can help resolve any inner conflicts.

It’s seen as a a soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system, helping to maintain optimum state of health. Used as a talisman for healing and prosperity, that can dispel negative energy and annoyance when in group settings. Sleeping with Amazonite (under your pillow or nearby) can bring such things focus through dream symbolism. (These are just some of the said meanings).

Here is an example of some Raw Amazonite. The colours can vary quite wildly, in the strength of the greenness.

Raw Amazonite image

Raw Amazonite – Image from TheHealingChest.com

Amazonite with Smoky Quartz Example Image

Amazonite with Smoky Quartz Example Image from Fossilera.com

It’s a pretty stone when polished up. Hope you’ve learned something new! As that concludes my Raw Amazonite, Crystal Gemstone – Precious Stones Nail Art Series Post. See the products & supplies list below…

I appreciate and read all the comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts and questions below 🙂





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