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Black Gel with Neon Florals Nail Art

I love a good neon-on-black mani that really makes the colours pop. I also love floral manis. No surprised there, eh? So thought I should combine the two into a lovely popping neon floral number.

Rather than hand-painting it, I chose to stamp – partly due to time constraints and the fact I have these unused but lovely stamping plates! I do love stamping but I also love freehand and both I need to do more of…really.

This was done with the Black Market black gel from Opallac (see here and here) I used a stamped decal technique with a billionty Mundo de Uñas stamping polishes in neon to colour in the flowers. I like how it turned out. Maybe I’m biased. But it looked better matte, so I kept the accents matte and the rest gloss, just to be special.

I picked a negative image. I looove negative image stamps and really wish stamp manufacturers would make more of them. I know Lina has made the first full negative image stamping plate, but I wouldn’t use some of the designs on there, so didn’t bother with it yet.

There will be a video so stay tuned. Oh, and please subscribe to my YouTube cos I think I’ll be hanging out over there a lot more for shits and giggles. At least that is the plan for 2018, of which I have a few. Let’s see how many we can achieve. I have a good feeling about this year at least. For once, I hope I’m right! Hehe 😉

Do you like floral manis as much as I do??





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