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Mani Swap Circle Jan 2018: Ultra Violet Nail Art

Pantone’s Colour of The Year 2018 is – Ultra Violet. Which is perfect as I own lots of shades in this colour – unlike 2017’s colour Greenery!?!?! That was not my favourite.

So it seems the Mani Swap Circle is back ON! Which is great cos it was a lot of fun – at least when your assigned person actually does your mani. But with a few changes to make it less stressful for the hosts. You can see the post on that here.

I recreated a cute mani by @holypetel aka Maya. I chose one with stars and a glitter polish base cos it was Christmas and just seemed fitting. I do have the Born Pretty plate she used but dog knows where it is/was right now, so I used a star stamp from a Lina  Make Your Mark plate.

The original below:

A post shared by Maya (@holypetel) on

And a bottle shot of the polish from now defunct indie, Wing Dust. Somewhere Out There is the name of it and it is a jelly violet with hexes and round glitters with a few stars thrown in for good measure.

How do you feel about Pantone’s colour choice for 2018?




  • Somewhere Out There – Wing Dust


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