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Rainbow Water Marble Dreamcatchers – Nail Art Challenges

Today I have a mix of manis that are prompts from challenges. They are a bit late, but it’s been pretty hard for me lately so nothing is on time at the moment.

Rainbow Water Marble Dreamcatchers – Nail Art Challenges from the Glam Nails & Nail Crazies Unite challenges.

Rainbow Water Marble Dreamcatchers. Yay or nay? I’m on the fence 🤔 Today I have a mix mani that combines challenges. They’re a few days late, but I’ve been overwhelmed & snowed under, so better late than never!

The Rainbow Water Marble Dreamcatchers – combines Nail Art Challenges from @glamnailschallenge Dreamcatchers and the Rainbow Water Marble from @nailcraziesunite prompts – #glamnailschallengemay #nailcraziesunite

Items used are listed below. But above is the matte top coat used to seal the deal, so to speak. God, I still love matte finishes so much, but not really when it comes in a polish, like a matte formula – unless it’s top coat. Hm, useless fact for you.

I filmed the first water marble, and it looked great till *someone* spilled it EVERYWHERE. [It’s hard to film in a freaking shoe-box set up and have space to demo anything. Ugh. Story of my (current) life.] So took it all off and started over, thus no video for this – this second time round didn’t look as cool anyways…😔

Here’s a look at the plate used though, link to purchase below FYI.




🐚 Matte Top Coat – @glistenandglow1
🐚 Water marbling with polishes, some unnamed, from @chichicosmeticsofficial
🐚 Snowed In – @hit_the_bottle#hitthebottle


🐚 BM-S301 Festival plate  – @bundlemonster#bundlemonster
🐚 Water marble tool – @whatsupnails#whatsupnails

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