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Vintage Florals, Hand-painted on Negative Space

Vintage Florals, Haind-painted Roses with Negative Space on Opallac’s Appletini Mint Gel Polish that I showed you earlier. Check out the swatches here.

I was channelling hand-painted Vintage Roses combined with my go-to Negative Space for this gel nail art after the hugest run of pinks. I have never worn that much pink in a row haha! 🌹 Aah florals, how I’ve missed you so! It has been a while. I didn’t have long, so my roses are a bit bonky (you try painting upside down for video purposes), but alas…

The base uses Appletini, the mint I showed earlier, with French Affair (white) tips; both by @opallacgelpolish (which you can purchase via from #Opallac or @pricelineau).

I freehand painted the roses using brushes including a Roubloff 00, and another from @bornprettystore, before dotting up the other digits with a toothpick. I used a toothpick tip rather than a dotting tool because they look a little more textured,and I was going for a bit of fabric inspired flowers. You can always just watch it below:

Do excuse poor Cindy (my left hand). She’s dry, naked, yet to be painted*, yet still feeling left out and selfishly hogging the spotlight at one point. My thumb particularly was obvs feeling especially needy, but seriously…”you’ll have your moment to shine later” I told it. Get out of the way! (*I usually paint the model hand first so my lefty doesn’t get wrecked by acetone.)

Are you a florals fan?




  • Rouboff brush
  • Brush from Born Pretty

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