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Holo Nail Foils – Born Pretty Store Review

Holo Nail Foils – Born Pretty Store Review. But first a sneak peek! Check out that holo shift 😍

Full review of these funky HOLO foils from @bornprettystore – used in my last mani for the Circles and LiInes prompt – you may recognise it. It’s item no: 41281 ⚡ [use my code BUFFQ10 for 10% your orders]. They come in a pack with several different ones, 4 x 20cm long each. Water marbles, unicorns, tropical, Xmas, geometric, dream catchers…quite varied themes.

The base polish is the gorgeous @picturepolish red Love ❤ and it was all topped with picturepolish Revolution glitter base – a water-based base coat which is also perfect as a foil top coat THAT WON’T MAKE YOUR NAIL FOILS GO CRINKLY!

To stop nail foil crinkling, a great trick is to top coat your foils with 2 coats of an aqua top coat before you use your gel polish or regular top coat. I’ve been using this trick since 2012 and it has allowed me to wear foils until I decide to take them off, rather than them wearing off of their own accord.

Revolution is pictured below. It is a 3-trick pony and can also be used for nail powders if you don’t want to have to use a gel top coat. [3 tricks as in a) a glitter base, b) a foil top coat, and c) nail powder base.]

I’ve had a few things to review but had to wait for some of my gear to arrive before I could finish them off as i wanted to capture the items properly and didn’t have all the things I needed. Lights and stands included. So I could get shots like this that show off the holo goodness!

Here’s a small collage showing some of the foils in the pack closer up:

They applied really well with foil glue, though the curve in some of my nails makes it a little hard with fine images due to the shape. Though with careful application you should have no issues. These foils peeled off the backing paper easily and intactly, keeping the image looking at it did on the sheet. The trick is to let your foil glue dry properly, enough so it is not too wet. If using that method.

Here’s a better shot of the 8 foils you get in the pack:







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