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Valentine’s Day Nails

It’s almost that time of the year again where the Hallmark cards and roses are given out like candy, and loved up or yearning types get dosed up on romance. Yep. Valentines Day. So here is the first mani for the season. I do apologise, it seems the post didn’t go live when it was supposed to, and I’ve been a bit under the weather, so it is here now albeit a little late.

I went for a red holo number with a touch of white and gold just because. Look at how cute the little studs are on the pinky! They are not caviar beads and are actually teeny, tiny studs less than 1mm big. So maybe don’t bother unless you have a) perfect eyesight, and/or a mega-magnifier…


A close up of the final effort above.


I hand-painted the lettering ‘love’ on the index with this awesome Pure Color No. 9 liner brush which was purchased from What’s Up Nails. It’s a great brush and whilst it took ages to arrive, (apparently this does not happen often, but it did to me), but it was worth the wait. Given my history in fine art, painting etcetera, I do love a decent brush. And with good care and cleaning, they can last for a long time.


This is a side close-up view of the red holo polish from piCture pOlish called Bridget. It’s a great polish with zero issues. It didn’t bleed under the vinyl and has a nice scatter holo effect, so made for the perfect base.


And a final bottle shot for kicks. There you go. I’ll see if I can squeeze in one more lovey dovey manicure before the final day. Here’s a short Insta vid for insta-satisfaction when you see the Pure Color #9 Liner Brush up close. And just becoz.

Til next time, nail addicts 😜



  •  piCture pOlish – Bridget
  • Essie – Good As Gold


  • What’s Up Nails’ – Pure Color #9 brush
  • Nail Vinyls

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