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Opallac French Over Gel Swatch & French Manicure

The second of two classic manis, French Manicure & American – variations with the same polishes. Both use @opallacgelpolish French Affair and French Over.

First up is a classic French Manicure with a prominent white tip, and second set (as per the previous post) is an American Manicure, with a subdued pink tip. Technically they are both American since the French was an American invention, but don’t let that confuse you 😁 haha

The tips were hand-painted. I prefer to hand-paint than use a stencil – especially a paper stencil. It’s fun to do and I can do a tutorial with tips on how to perfect your gel French tips through hand-painting, though it will have to wait until later in the year when chaos dies down… Sorry about that…I have extremely limited energy and time, and life demands take precedence right now.

I don’t normally wear this style too often given my propensity for often loud nail art, but personally I prefer the French look. What about you – French, American, both or neither??




  • Round flat brush

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