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Opallac French Over Gel Swatch & American Manicure

The first of two classic manis, French Manicure & American – variations with the same polishes. Both use @opallacgelpolish French Affair and French Over (the transparent pink).

First up is a classic American Manicure with a subdued white tip, and second set (as coming in the next post) is an French Manicure, with a prominent pink tip. Technically they are both American since the French was an American invention, but don’t let that confuse you 😁 haha

The tips were hand-painted. I prefer to hand-paint than use a stencil – especially a paper stencil. It’s more fun to do and I can do a tutorial on that later.

In the classic American Manicure, the bold white is usually over-painted to be less bright. I prefer the French as I love the crispness of a solid white line. I think most people do but not always, and there is a place for both styles indeed.

I don’t normally wear this style either too often given my propensity for often loud nail art, but personally I prefer the French look. It gives your nails a healthy glow when done right. What about you – French, American, both or neither??




  • Round flat brush

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