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Negative Space with Hot Pink & White for Breast Cancer!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and on Wednesdays We Wear Pink (well, those who wear pink may wear pink). My love affair with pink is not really that strong you might have guessed, though I do love a hot pink nail, and for a good cause any colour favouritism goes right out the window.

So here is a negative space mani with pink – a very hot, Hot Pink of course, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Wednesday.


I used Bundle Monster Nail Vinyls straights and V triangles. They were so crisp until I fudged it with the top coat. Note to self, wait a bit longer for dry time haha. But I did use a different top coat to norm and it has a thinner bush, so I messed up the edges where the straights meet the negative space a little. Oh well, squint and pretend it looks perfect.


And a version with the thumb visible. My camera seemed to wig out at the colour brightness a little. But gosh I do love this hot pink polish.


And here they are in a line up. Oops, forgot the other light.

Cancer is one of those things I wish didn’t exist. When your life has been touched with it in some way with relatives, people you know or even yourself, I think that is especially so. I hope with technology we can find a way to eradicate the cancerous scourge sometime soon.




  • OPI – Alpine Snow
  • piCture pOlish – Hot Pink
  • Essence Gel-Look – Plumping Top Coat


  • Bundle Monster Nail Vinyls in straights and sharp V triangles

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  1. julia 29th December 2015 Reply

    I love negative space manicures!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 29th December 2015 Reply

      Me too – negative space is one of my all-time favourite nail art themes 😆

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