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Holo Rainbow Nail Art with White Stripes

Thought these holo rainbows were apt (recent job but I haven’t had data or internet, so was unable to post). They are silver holo with jelly bands and white separators. Ooh la! They also tie in with the @Clairestelle8 Summer theme – a very general challenge theme which works out well since I have nooo time for end to end challenges right now. See below…


Wouldn’t life be much easier if it was all rainbows and lollipops? In some ways it would. I am currently missing a funeral and having to pack up a large house whilst recovering from some health stuff, so not the most ideal timing for any of the things that have been going on lately. Ah well, when in doubt, paint it out.

And here are the lovely polishes that were used in this manicure:


Details are listed below. You canna see the glory of the Color Club holo in this shot, though if you’re a regular follower I’ve shown it to you recently on Insta and on this platform in another post where I used it. SO you can have a squizz if you back track a little.


I made these as reverse decals using the UberChic Mat (the original silicone mat) and filled in some white stamped lines. Didn’t have time to use the tape technique on this day, bit short on time as I mentioned. Couldn’t capture the holographic look too well as it was cloudy out, and can be hard to capture without annoying reflections distorting the art when using the light box. Without space for the proper set up in the maze of boxes that has just begun, I am using limited tools.

Video to follow – if and when I can get a moment to cobble something together. 

Video below:



And from the lovely OPI Color Paints collection:

  • Primarily Yellow – @opi_products
  • Chromatic Orange – @opiaustralia
  • Magenta Muse – #OPI
  • Purple Perspective – OPI
  • Turquoise Aesthetic – OPI
  • Landscape Artist – OPI


  • Pro Collection XL 01 stamping plate – MoYou London

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