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Summer Sun Salutations – Textured Beach Nails

Despite the fact that in my hemisphere I am longing for the warm weather, some Sunny Beach nails are sometimes enough to while those cold days away. See below for more deets on this Summer Sun Salutations – Textured Beach Nails thang…


I’ve had to go back to shorter-but-not-short nails that are far more manageable from a ‘packing boxes’ perspective. This didn’t change the look I was going for.

I wanted to do a beach theme with some 3D effect as a last-hurrah to Summer in the North, and a ‘bring it on’ for all the wiley Winter-weatherers in the South. Plus I’ve been neglectful with some of the Indies I own. This is partly because a lot of them have glitter and with glitter comes time consumption for take off. Sure, I could use a peel off base, but I don’t want a less than one day wear time when they take this much effort haha…but more I’m suddenly tasked with some life chages that have arisen at an already inconcvenient time which I must deal with. So this is me having some fun before I am likely forced (by time and energy) to to keep it simple for a while. 😩😵

I used some sheer colours that mix and show through the layers below, glitter indies, and some jelly sandwiching of glitter, stamps and lines. There’s a little more peek-a-boo glitter, a little gold for the textured sand look. Kitsune and Honey Ryder were both perfect for this. There was sea greens & blues and a few seaworthy charms – starfish, shells, pearls and studs. I thought the seaweed and bluebottles were a bit of overkill on this occasion 😂

I was  recreating something more tropical-ish with sand and shells – some of which I do have, but couldn’t find right now. And tried to capture that nice sand-between-your-toes feel as you stand at the water’s edge when you walk along the waterline be it on Bondi Beach or in St Barts.

Personally I’m thinking an island resort with nice reefs and water and squeaky white sand would be a great place to be right about now. “Jeeves! Bring around the Learjet…”    Cos, #Goals. Amiright?

Video to come! And a macro shot if I can find it…hm. Nope, just video:



  • Bones 67 – Mundo de Uñas: @mundodeunas#mundodeunas
  • Indigo Motif – @opi_products
  • Turquoise Aesthetic – @opiaustralia
  • Landscape Artist – #OPI
  • Honey Ryder – OPI
  • Crystal Lake – Pretty Serious: @pscosmetics #prettyserious
  • Kitsune – Rainbow Honey: @rainbowhoney #rainbowhoney
  • Diamond Flash – Sally Hansen (to stick items on)
  • HK Girl Top Coat – Glisten & Glow (for final gloss coats) @glistenandglow1 #HKGirl


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