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Born Pretty U-Shaped Nail Protector Tape Review


One of the things I use aaaallll the time when stamping or painting or using vinyls – and especially water marbles, is some kind of latex barrier that will make clean up easier. Cos ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! It is awesome. I used to use sticky tape and artists latex masking fluid – before latex barriers became a thing. So I’m reviewing an item from Born Pretty Store. First the text review, then the video review.


Thankfully there are so many options around now. Though lots of the ones on offer seem to come in pink. As you might know, not exactly my favourite colour in the spectrum. So when I saw these Nail Protector Stickers came in a range of colours, I was thankful. Manufacturers would do well to note that just because it has lady bits does not mean it likes pink!

Anyhoo…the full listed name of these things is “Creative U-shape Spill-proof Nail Polish Stickers Finger Cover Nail Sticker” (Item No: 27347) – quite a long title. They are quite economical, and one of the best features is that they are LATEX FREE! This was not mentioned in the listing (at time of writing) but I checked with the maker. Finally, a decent other option for those with latex allergies and sensitivities.


You get 10pcs/Sheet – so one full manicure or several short ones. If you look closely you can see they are attached to a sticker backing that you peel off, and come protected with a plastic cover so they dont get hair or dust in them. They aren’t sticky on the top which is great, as you can handle them more.


The great part about these is that you can move them around several times before sticking down, which means you can keep adjusting the U-shaped stickers until you get a really close fit like in the above photo. Handy for getting really close to the edge of the nail where polish can sometimes pool when you do things like water marble or a sponge technique. This means less clean up 🙂


Excuse the blurry shot, but you can see that the tape attached nicely to the skin or itself on the underside of the finger. If you are going to water marble, you might still like to add more latex barrier liquid for a full coverage, but this is quite a full coverage for general use.


This close up shows you what they look like up close. You can get a sense of how pliable they are. They stick but are not so sticky that they stick together or ‘web’ like regular liquid latex barriers tend too. You likely know that feeling if you’ve ever used it.

—> And the final outcome:



Watch the video review below so you can see how it performs in action!

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(That stupid YouTube bug will not let me choose a different thumbnail from the ones offered, and since several years on Google still haven’t fixed it, I guess we’re stuck with this frame that doesn’t really let on what the video is about.)


Also the lovely plate I used as seen above. Good to see UberChic doing more negative images where images have solid areas, like the one I used. You can see it in the video above.

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  1. Lees 4th August 2016 Reply

    Have seen these things on line. Really been wanting to try them out so thks for the review. good to see how they work compared to the usual options. Ive been using glue bt it takes foreverrrr to dry!!!!

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