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31DC2015 Day 15: Delicate Print – Matte About You

Day 15 of the 31 Days in this 31 Day Challenge. I’m calling it halfway. Delicate Print was the prompt. I call this one Matte About You. I have printed a delicate pattern over 3 fingers and used mattified caviar beads for the feature nails.

I considered doing some fine lines painting, but am posting and was completing this really late. I’ve had no electricity all day because the people that should have been here yesterday, decided they would turn it off in a big chunk instead of as needed. So I had no light, no power, no devices and did not get to catch up on checking out the efforts as originally planned. And then my not-very-old worklamp decided to …erm…retire.  Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks so far! At least I’m still posting on time 😀

Here is the final look:



I grabbed some beloved piCture pOlish for the bases in Sky, Wisteria (original) and Fairy Floss. I painted over the purple Wisteria with China Glaze’s Dandy Lyin’ Around – a thicker white into which I could stick some caviar beads which were more uniform in size than the ones I used the other day. I decided to mattify this to add a different texture and leave it at that for today.

Hopefully tomorrow is back to being less full on, so I can get to complete & post earlier AND my lights and gear works again. C’mon, give a girl a break yo!

I hope you are all going well now that we are half way through the challenge. I’m posting on time but haven’t been able to catch up so it sort of feels like I’m behind, even though I’m not. Only in being able to check everything out, which I’m going to do a little of now!



  • piCture pOlish – Sky,
  • piCture pOlish – Fairy Floss
  • piCture pOlish – Wisteria (original)
  • China Glaze – Dandy Lyin’ Around


  • Born Pretty Plate BP21
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