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Ane Li RIP – Tribute (Part 2)

Today’s post is a tribute post in memory of @ane_li – a highly talented young nail artist from Norway who recently lost her battle with depression 💔 I’m not alone in disbelief at the loss of someone so talented and young, nor the sadness that reverberated throughout the nail community with such news.


For her final act, she scaled the peak of #PolishMountain to plant her flag, and leaves behind a legacy of nailspiration. (follow the link to see what this is visually, but in a nutshell it is a polish stack of a ridiculous number of polish layers started by Cristine @ Simplynailogical).

Many are sharing recreations of her work today to commemorate her life, using the hashtag #sharetheloveforaneli. I’ve recreated one of her earlier pink & white feather manis that I’ll call the Infinite Hope one (with the infinity sign, feather and word ‘hope’). She always nailed #gradientnails 😌 I changed it a little to make it suit the occasion.

This is her original, for reference:

Ane Li Hope

I used @picturepolish Hot Lips,@ChinaGlaze Glow With The Flow,@essence Wild White Ways for the gradient. Along with @opi_products Matte Top Coat, @whatsupnails Pure Color No. 10 brush and acrylic paint for the detailing

If any of you are struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out. Rest in peace, Ane Li Jacobsen 💖 May you find your serenity


You can read and see lots of the other tributes from around the world and the nail community by viewing these hashtags: #sharingtheloveforaneli #ripaneli





  • @whatsupnails Pure Color No. 10 brush

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