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Ane Li RIP – Thoughts On Social Behaviour

Below is a note I posted on the issues surrounding the downsides of social media and how people behave. This is posted mostly verbatim from IG, but thought it was appropriate to post here as well. Because posts on Insta get pushed down with time. Because being nice on the internet is the right things to do, as is having a little respect for others in general. And whilst most people achieve this, there are still a lot of juvenile fuckwits on the internet, especially Instagram. And by some of the comments left on my original post, it seems many agree.


I don’t want for this to come across as soapboxy on social media, where nuance is lost; nor do I want to detract from my next post, so Imma leave this here

It’s always sad when people, especially the young exit this world early. Some comments I read on @ane_li’s last post-come-memorial left me appalled. Bickering, insensitivity, hate. People called out for being mean or disrespectful, claiming “it’s only my opinion”. That may be true, but no one asked for it. You see opinions are like arseholes. Everybody has one and no one wants to see yours

It’s not an isolated instance, I regularly see unnecessary vitriol + negativity spewed out in post comments. It needs to stop 🚫 Rudeness & childish comments say more about the person making them than they do others 😕 There’s a li’l thing called Tact that can be used when trying to get one’s point across. It can mean the difference between ‘being constructive’ and ‘sounding like a total prick’

Equally it was heart-warming to see an outpouring of love for someone in a tragic circumstance 💟 The lesson here is that you can never know what someone is going through. The things they’re coping with are not always apparent. Some people hide things well, even from those they are close to

Mental illness is a vicious beast. I’ve worked in it, lost people to it, & saved people from making fatal errors because of it. Which is why it is important people can feel comfortable in speaking out about it without feeling stigmatised. Depression is not a sign of weakness. If you are struggling, reach out and talk to someone. If someone you know is suffering, ask how you can help

I like to consider the nail community as a kinda family 💅👪 A family of addicts & enablers perhaps (yes, that’s tongue-in-cheek), but a group of likeminded people – most of which I’ve seen would offer support to someone if they ever reached out. Same for anyone else who is going through a rough patch, be it with mental health issues or other grievances. Empathy costs nothing, consideration even less

When there is already so much hate in the world, we can choose to spread the love 💕 If you have a voice, you have a choice 😘


You can read and see lots of the other tributes from around the world and the nail community by viewing these hashtags: #sharingtheloveforaneli #ripaneli


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