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Colour Blocked Picture Polish Nail Art Challenge

Here’s my quick entry for Picture Polish’s Nail Art Challenge 1, 2017. Which, thanks to that shitty algorithm Instagram’s had since it got “Facebooked” (ie; destroyed with a similar algorithm where they decided that they know better than you do what you should and would like to see in your feed. Nope.) I only just saw.

So yah, only just saw it the day it ends, and thought it would be fun to do something before time ran out. Must use all PP polishes. Not an issue there with my collection 😉 Hopefully I’m in with a chance considering the time it took thanks to various interruptions, tech issues, SNAFUs and whatever else occurred in the time span I had haha. Sheesh.

Good luck if you’re in! Check out the other entries under the #ppnailartchallenge12017 hashtag on Instagram.



  • Sunset – piCture pOlish
  • Mad Magenta – @picturepolish
  • Mellow Yellow – #picturepolish
  • Bon Bon – piCture pOlish (…oh, surprise!)
  • Metallic Mush – piCture pOlish (bet you never guessed, eh?)
  • Wild White Ways 33 – Essence: @essence_cosmetics #essencelove
  • Gel Top Coat – Born Pretty Store


  • Latex Barrier – Born Pretty: @bornprettynailart #bornprettystore #bpsnailart #bornprettynailart

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