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TUTORIAL: 3D Sugared Lace Gel Nails Art in White

Here’s the full tutorial of the 3D Sugar/Sugared Lace Gel Nails Art in White Gel Polish you saw yesterday – if you were one of the three people on Instagram (hehe, quiet day).

I combined one of the more recent gel polish trends, Sugared Lace Nails over the earlier previewed gel. Sugared lace nails are a 3D effect that combine gel and acrylic to render a nice textured effect. I created the typical lace look, and this was the final result if you need a reminder or missed the first go.

Like I said in my art only post: It may look more complex than it is, but is relatively simple to achieve with a few minutes practice to get used to the medium, and a bit of playing around. All you need is:

  • Gel polish 1 – base coat, top coat, colour for the base polish – which this tutorial assumes you’ve already applied
  • Gel polish 2 – different colour for the textured effect
  • A high quality acrylic powder
  • some dotting tools, or pins or thin toothpicks at minimum
  • (optional) Pure Color #7 Watermarble tool
  • (optional) Medium/Fine nail file

and you can create this effect too, using the steps outlined in the video.

The great thing about this sugared/sugar nails trend is that you can create something that looks good that’s not too time consuming given the fact you are working with gel. Which means no-dry, fast wear when curing.

I do recommend you use a high grade acrylic powder, as they are more finely milled. I prefer professional brands and used a pro product from IBD called Flex. Many people like to use white or coloured acrylic powders to change the sugaring colour, but I’ve used clear and chosen a coloured base, ie; white gel, to mix it with.

The nail file is for the end. You can use it to lightly file over the top of your design if you find it is too uneven or sharp.

Click the gallery above to see the products that were used. This is the base colour in it’s box, Opallac Popsicle. You can check out the bare swatch of it here. Vibrant indeed. French Affair was the white used in the lace.

The Flex acrylic powder by IBD is an awesome clear acrylic that is superfine 😊 As IBD claim, this ” triple-milled powder with flex chemistry provides maximum flexibility with no lifting, cracking or bubbles. A quicker set time than traditional acrylics” and I’m inclined to agree.

t’s a very early entry for the @Clairestelle8 January Challenge (check out or join here: @Clairestelle8challenge). The prompt for the 17th is Home Decor Inspired. Search the #clairestelle8jan tag for entries. Yah, i did get the weeks wrong but you can thank the brainfog for that one. Anyhoo…


Here is the FULL LENGTH YouTube tutorial. (Subscribe to my channel here)

So what do you think of this trend and look?




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