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Opallac High Tea – Gel Polish Swatch

Look at this! Pink creme with panache! This is Opallac High Tea – a soft, almost pastel, pink Gel Polish Swatch for your enjoyment. With mini review…

Pretty in Pink! Not just the name of a classic 80s movie, but the finish in this gel polish 😍 amiright? And from another angle…though exuse the reflections. Whilst glossy is great, not so much for taking photos with limited tools and gear. Or space. So they are reflecting everythang today!


Name: High Tea – available here or select Priceline (AU) stores
Brand: Opallac
Collection: Core Collection
Colour (or family): Pink
Type & Finish: ‎Crème
Size: 7.5ml / 0.25oz

Formula & Application notes:
Smooth and glossy this is 2 thin coats, as it is a pretty pigmented shade. An easy and opaque application always helps – 2 coats and you’re done? Yes that is another reason I love the rapid cure times for gel, which means you can still do your nails if you’re short on time. Something harder to do with regular polishes drying times…sadly.

I had no troubles at all. Though I will recommend you mix the bottle well before application. Sometimes the more pigmented shades can see the colour sit at the bottom if they have been hanging or standing unused for a while, so I always recommend you give it a good stir first. Even the day before if you are concerned about bubbles.

What do you think of this shade?

The Verdict:
High Tea is a soft, almost pastel, pink that IMHO works well with so many skin tones. It has a touch of warmth that complement both dark, medium and light. You could definitely wear it to a high tea 😉

It is not so bright that it screams out, so I would expect it to be a Work Safe shade for many places that have restrictions on LOUD POLISH. If you are concerned though, you could find more swatches of this and other colours on the @opallacgelpolish Instagram page.

As someone who doesn’t tend to favour Pink as much as other people I know, I actually really love this colour on the nails and generally. If you are a pink lover, this too is another one you’ll love. If you are not into pink but are looking to add a pink or two to balance out your collection, I would recommend this shade, as well as a light pastel and a hot pink!

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