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Abstract Textured Lines on Pink Gel Polish

Finally went back to some of my abstract roots with fun nail art to dress my digits up in! I went for minimal abstract lines with a subtle texture over Opallac’s High Tea. Hop over to this post to see the swatch of this baby all by it’s lonesome…

White suits the pink tone of @opallacgelpolish‘s High Tea. It really only needed something simple, something minimal, (and maybe some cucumber sandwiches 😁), so I paired it with some white texture and added some gold glitter dots! They were affixed with some top coat before top coating.

The lines and details were hand-painted with some @winstonia_store Fine Line brushes, which I love 😍 This set is great for detailing when you don’t need something supremely thin, but don’t want anything too chunky in terms of brush heads. There are 5 in this set and they are handy to have in your collection if you are looking for quality, affordable nail art brushes.

Check out the video tut below! Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you’d like to see more. <3

I like it’s simplicity and how it turned out. What about you – would you wear this mani?





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