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31 Day Challenge 2017 – 31DC2017 Plans

Here is the list of this year’s prompts for the 31 Day Challenge, and you guessed it! Same as every other year ๐Ÿ˜‚ย Part of the fun is to improve on the years before, so…

This year is being spearheaded by Cathy from More Nail Polish and you can join in, grab the prompts and see Challenge FAQ over on her website. If you run a blog, don’t forget to add the InLinkz to your page so you can add your own daily efforts and see others’. Or just add your Instagram post to the InLinkz on a participating blog. Get the codes > HERE <.

I really hope/d to participate, but this year’s chaos refuses to let up even for a minute (c’mon, enough is enough FFS!), so unfortunately I am expecting participation to be completely sporadic and interrupted. Again LOL!? It seems each year some shit comes up – I’m either hospitalised, or something major goes pear-shaped. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ I still don’t have half my stuff. So not being prevented by small measures. Anyhoo, I’ll aim to do my best. Imma leave this here for reference.

THINGS TO KNOW: this challenge is open to everyone – FBoookers, Twitterers, Instagrammers, Tumblr, Bloggers and the like! The rules are fairly lax and simple (there are no real rules, just guidelines) and can be read over on the official FAQ.


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