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Paparazzi Glitterati with Stamping

In deciding what nail art to do with the green glitterati of @opallacgelpolish Paparazzi (see earlier swatch post) I couldn’t pick between stamping and negative space, so I did both.

Items used are at the end, but for now you can have a gander. I do realise that I said this would be posted that day, but alas, I’ve ad months of restricted (read: little, to no) internet and as such, posting anything was a challenge. So I apologise for the delay! It’s like the story of my life – especially this year so far…but I digress.

I used some half hemisphere beads as an accent nail and went with some basic stamping in black to complement the dark tone of this shadowy green glitter gel polish.

And a recap of the bottle shot so you can find it if you wish to purchase.

On a side note, this shade is currently on sale at the Opallac website if you are keen to buy one 🙂 They also now accept AfterPay if you like to use that.

Easy nail art. Some basic stamping is great when you don’t have hours on end up your sleeve and it still looks quite good as far as nail art goes. Well, most of the time haha…




• Paparazzi – #Opallac
• Shadows of Darkness – @hit_the_bottle


• Illusion 15 plate – @moyou_london

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