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Royal Blue & Yellow Drag Marble – Mani Swap Circle Returns

Royal Blue & Yellow – Mani Swap Circle Returns with these colours and under new management! Angela (@glacewing) who was doing it miraculously all alone for months, has handed over the reins to 4 other new hosts. This is my mani for the month.

I was entrusted to do a mani by @bravesdivanails aka Tara, and this is the mani I chose. A simple contrasting 2 colour piece with drag marble centres. I kind of butchered it a little, completely forgetting how fast neons dry. Meaning it didn’t stay as wet as long as the others creme shade did, so the drag marks were a little shitty. I did my drag marbling with a water marble tool. Due to it’s sharp point – I wanted to do a sharper drag. Ah well, can’t win ’em all, right?

I really wanted to use my new winnings from the Picture Polish challenge I won. Thus the perfect pair of polishes (just not in a drag marble context LOL). They are amazing. So creamy and bright, I love them both!

Here are the results shown above, and the collage, (also showing the original mani of hers) when you swipe across.

And her original image that this was based on. In turn inspired by @kyong.lee.92

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  1. Cindi 28th May 2018 Reply

    That looks like summer. Water and sunshine all in one. I like it.

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 28th May 2018 Reply

      Thank you Cindi! 😊💖

      Totally agree with you on the Summer feels – that yellow is so neon bright in the sun too 😎

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