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Hidden Floral Stamping On Thermal Gel Polish

Hidden florals disguised in a similar shade of stamping polish that really pop when you chill the fingertips and bring on the darker pink? Oh my!

Aaaand the Strawberries & Cream Nail Art! Using the @opallacgelpolish featured in the last post. I was going for a sneaky nail art – she looks all demure in her natural warm state (second shot), but make that mani do the Ice Bucket Challenge and watch her show her true colours 🌹 How about those Rose-y rosy cheeks now? Florals FTW!

There is a video to come showing the transition and also a video tutorial for the nail art itself. There was a Plain Jane transition clip but it was such a damn hot day that I wasn’t as happy with it as the nail art colour transition demo; so sorry, but you had to wait for the actual art reveal before seeing it 😜 you know how it is

Hidden Floral Stamping On Thermal Gel Polish below show the natural warm state of pinkish white. At least this is what they were like in the warm weather on me… Pretty and soft shade.

This is also my rather late ‘Magic’ prompt for @Clairestelle8challenge #clairestelle8challengemarch, cos “Look Ma! Now you see it, now you don’t!” magic happening here ✨🎩🚬 (uh, yeah that’s a cigarette. Closest thing to a wand emoji on that device) 😐

Hit play for the video tutorial for how to recreate this easy look.




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