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Time Travel – Outer Space Nail Art

I am doing a second month of Nails With IG Friends, hosted by @hefersanja who chose the theme Time Travel. So I went to space – this is my little ode to the Universe, using some awesome Picture Polish & Hit The Bottle polishes!

I did some Intergalactic Time Travel – Outer Space Nail Art because I love space – the Universe is a fascinating place. I’m fascinated by Quantum mechanics and the myriad of things that exist beyond our little blue ball in the Virgo constellation (ie; Earth) and so decided that time travel for this challenge would be across aeons and light years to far away space-places. It would be such fun to travel galactically if it could be done without waiting for light years to get places, or having to suspend one’s animation til you get there.

I had planned to do Dr Who nails but I did this as a base for the PP Gradient nail challenge and decided it to turn it into more of a galaxy with some extra sponging for nebulous cloud instead. I’d already used too much blue (we all know there’s no such thing) but a blue Tardis just wouldn’t work. Sorry Doc… I’ll keep them on the list for later. With all the other things I have on this list to do (le sigh…)

Here is the collage:

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