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Royal Blue & Teal for Mani Swap Circle!

Here’s my SOLO SHOT for the latest edition of @maniswapcircle – the theme was Royal Blue and Teal for #maniswapcircle recreations! The favourite colours of hosts Angela & Natasha, both born in April – so happy almost birthday guys, might as well start celebrating early 😜

I’ll describe it as some half-moon bordered ruffian nails, for want of definition.

Bottle line up…

This month my assigned nailee (ie; nail person) was @nailsbynas and here is the art work I recreated. The original in pink, gold and black is shown below:

A post shared by Nas (@nailsbynas) on

The final Mani Swap Circle collage put together by Angela @glacewing – you can zoom in if you pinch to zoom in the IG app on most phones, so I’ve embedded the original if you want to go there to do that. It’s not crystal clear thanks to the image crunching algorithms, but you can see a bit more if you have poor eyesight.

Hope you like it, yeah? πŸ˜‹ These colours were completely made for each other, don’t you think?? May have a video later, but these things takeup so much time so I will see how I go. No pressure x




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  1. Midnight Stamper 3rd April 2017 Reply

    Gorgeous Color combo!

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 3rd April 2017 Reply

      Thanks Rachelle! Me too, I really love these shades together. So fresh! x

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