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31DC2014 Day 30: A Tutorial

Geometric Triangles is what I chose for the  second last day’s theme: Inspired by a Tutorial. I wanted something simple and geometric, so i found a tutorial that matched my desired look.


I wasn’t sure how close I should stick to the tutorial before it wasn’t really the tutorial, so I slightly changed tack and just did the same thing with different colours. Oh god, my poor, dry fingers have definitely been caned by all this challenge.

Here is the version of what I ended up with as a static image (you know, in case the flashy things are doing your head in):


And the original tutorial:

gometric triangles tutorial

You can also click on the above image to go to Sophie’s original post on her My Awesome Beauty blog.



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  1. Danielle 30th September 2014 Reply

    Looks great! I love the colours.

    I know what your mean about dry hands though, I’m pretty sure that I’m about to have camels and cactuses calling my poor dry hands home.

    • Author
      Lacquerista 1st October 2014 Reply

      Thanks Danielle 🙂

      Haha, our poor hands right now ==>

      (Only one more day, then my hands at least are having a holiday!?)

      • Danielle 2nd October 2014 Reply

        Haha so accurate! I like the idea of a holiday for your hands.

  2. neale 16th October 2014 Reply

    oh these are the ones you were wearing. ya site looks good. ya feel better?

    • Author
      Lia Lacquerista 16th December 2014 Reply

      Haha! What are you doing a polish blog? So funny you even remembered. No actually started feeling worse so I’m catching up on a lot of things. Taking it slowly.

      Apologies for the late reply. As you know it’s been quite hard lately and I didn’t realise a few comments were sent to pending and spam folders just now, for who knows what reason!? (Normally I get sent a notification so I would have seen it). You’ve prob forgotten you were on here.

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