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White X Negative Space – Apt for Today

Quick post for today, where I finally got to embrace one of my favourite styles: negative space. Which also means that most of my nail breaks have grown out enough to at least disguise them haha. Shall we?


Here is my ‘more healed’ hand, since the other one is still not quite up to par in terms of growing out the bad nail breaks of recent times. I masked off the naked areas with some straight stencil tape and with two coats of white polish, and a generous lashing of HK Girl top coat.


It’s timely, given the current US election, or a you may know it “The shit storm circus that was ripped straight from a Stephen King novel” 2016 (you’ll know exactly what I mean, if you love John Oliver). You see white in many Asian countries, like Korea and China, symbolises death and mourning. And is usually worn to funerals. Which, given the current stats almost definitely looking like a win for “Prez Trump”, is a rather apt choice of mani. Holy shit America, what have you done?




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